Are your revenues in critical condition?


ABS specializes in...

...medical billing, automated billing, electronic and manual filing, patient follow-up, accounts receivable management and other financial services for medical practices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and regions beyond.

We help doctors and other practitioners...

...increase their revenue by maximizing collection of accounts receivable.

What’s more, we provide a monthly consultation... discuss your practice and identify areas where you can increase productivity and profitability.

Expert Team

The ABS's billing and collections professionals will exceed your expectations...

...for efficient, worry-free and cost-effective medical billing and revenue maximization.

Because of our team approach, our Billing Specialists are available 5 days a week,

52 weeks a year.

And you’ll benefit from one point of contact ... prompt return calls to answer your needs...and multiple staff members who understand your account.

No worries about denied claims due to ever changing medical billing requirements.

Our knowledgeable staff is trained in correct coding and billing procedures.  Thus reducing claims denials.  Our priority is to ensure that claims are paid on initial submission allowing prompt payment from payers.