Electronic or paper claims submissions – fast and secure

Within 24 hours of receipt of your practice’s work, our expert billers will file a claim electronically to the third party payor.

Since electronic billing allows for collection in as soon as 7 to 14 days, your cash flow will be dramatically improved.

We’ll handle all the medical billing and collecting requirements, procedures and technicalities – ensuring increased accuracy and reduced denial of claims. The bottom line for your business: you’ll get faster payment on a higher percentage of claims.

Patient Accounting & Assistance

We take care of processing and patient relations – so you can take care of your practice.

ABS acts as a liaison between your practice and your patients and handles all billing questions dealing directly with patient concerns, eliminating an enormous administrative burden from your office.

Coding Advice

Correct coding = fast payments. With us, it all adds up.

Using the proper codes dramatically improves cash flow – it is the single most important element in ensuring faster payments. Therefore, one of our first priorities is to review your current billing procedures to ensure proper usage.  Our billing experts will advise and guide you in making the appropriate changes when and if necessary.  Our goal at ABS is to optimize your return on each and every claim.

Once we know you’re up-to-date, we’ll keep you ahead of the game. On an ongoing basis, our in-house certified coders will tell you the current optimal ICD-9 and CPT codes, ensuring the highest possible return on claims is the norm for you.

Reports & Analysis

Monthly meetings help you track your course – and get to your goals.

ABS provides you with ongoing consulting services – not just a stack of printouts. Each month, a representative will meet with you to review comprehensive reports tailored to your practice, analyze your business activity and provide suggestions for improving profitability.


The report package will detail the previous month's activity including data on key metrics:

  • · productivity

  •    collections

  •    referrals

  •   evaluations for both insurance and managed care

As we go over each month’s records, you’ll receive a consultant’s perspective on your practice. We’ll work to make sure more profits show up in your bottom line. 

Insurance Collections

Patient, yet persistent. Our approach pays off.

Persistent, aggressive phone follow-up on unpaid balances is the only way to ensure your practice collects all that is due. ABS has an experienced team dedicated to follow-up – we aggressively pursue every account until paid, whether primary or secondary.

ABS can even collect money you thought was lost or was not cost-effective to pursue – from patients as well as insurance companies.